Valentine's Boxes

All Valentine's boxes include an adorable handmade cement heart & personal note. Delivery available. Price includes delivery if applicable...

When ordering, include personal note text, special instructions and delivery address. Delivery to downtown Indy only. If you aren't sure, ask. We will always work with you if we can.

Sweet Little Valentine's Box of Four Donuts  $10.00…$15.00 w/delivery

GADCO pick Assorted Dozens with Valentine's donuts mixed in  $20.00…$25.00 w/delivery



 Business Dozen  $12.00  Combination of classic and cake donuts.

GADCO Picks Assorted Dozen $20.00  

You Pick Assorted Dozen  $25.00

Individual Donuts

Cinnamon Sugar Cake $1.00

Powdered Sugar Cake $1.00

Blueberry Cake $1.25

Chocolate Cake $1.25

Hippie Cake (Chai frosting w/granola) $1.25

Black Raspberry Key Lime $2.75

The Classic (Smaller, chewier raised glaze) $1.00

Coconut $2.50

Coffee & Cream $2.75

Creme Brûlée $2.75

Filled French Toast (Strawberry Jam) $2.75

French Toast (w/maple syrup) $2.50

Maple Bourbon Bacon $2.75

Yeast Beast (Huge Raised Glaze) $2.00

S'mores $2.75

Salted Carmel $2.50

Snickers $2.50

Sprankle $2.50

Chocolate Frosted Raised $2.00

Bennies (Croissant/Donut hybrid) $2.50

Seasonal Custard/Cream filled Bennies. $2.75

The Vegan $2.00 (Raised Glazed version and rotating specialty options. Available to order)

Pop Tarts $2.50 (We don't carry everyday in shop. Available to order)

*Available donuts varies. Ask for updated list… Want a custom donut creation? Let's figure it out.

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